Because We’re Men

A young girl goes through what many women consider to be an important right of passage in their lives when she learns exactly why men never ask for directions. No matter how lost they may be.

Creative team

Writers/directors: Glen McDonald, David Tompa, Daveed Louza

Filmmakers’ statement

Because We’re Men was written and directed by Glen McDonald, David Tompa and Daveed Louza. Together we form the comedy triumvirate FUNNY STUFF.

We shot this short film in one afternoon. We served not only as the directors, but the performers, crew, and kid wranglers as well.

To coerce the very talented Ariel McDonald to perform in this film we had to threaten her with stoning – and not the cannabis kind, either.

Needless to say this film is very important to us and to all men throughout the entire universe.

We feel that this short film is in fact a super duper important public service announcement. When women demand that their male companions ask for directions to any place at any time from any where, they are in fact putting us all in grave danger!

About the directors

Glen McDonald

“The official leader, I am the co-creator of FUNNY STUFF. I can be a hard task master. People think I’m abrupt, impatient or even overwhelmed. I’m not. I just don’t like it when people take too long to do stuff. Especially kids. Especially my kids.” – Glen McDonald

David Tompa

“The guys look to me for guidance. I’m a co-creator of the comedic triumvirate FUNNY STUFFThe harder I work, the better they get. I’m a bit of an expert when it comes to trivia on most subjects known to man, actually. I’m more than willing to sacrifice my health and well being for the greater good of comedy.” – David Tompa

“Me? I’m the brains behind the comedy trio FUNNY STUFF. Unlike those other two, I’m the only classically trained comedian, having studied for four consecutive weekends at the B’nai Brith Jewish Comedy Workout sponsored by Pearl’s Delicatessen. I shoot guns regularly; it helps keep me balanced.” – Daveed Louza


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