Free the Pain

A magician struggles with the absence of his beloved.

Creative team

Kajeh Mehrizi, Hajar Moradi, Taravat Khalili, Vahid Fazel

About the filmmakers

Kajeh Mehrizi, Hajar Moradi, Taravat Khalili, Vahid Fazel

Kajart is a creative production studio based in Toronto, Canada. Formed by four friends (Hajar Moradi, Kajeh Mehrizi, Taravat Khalili and Vahid Fazel) who share a similar taste in arts. We love and enjoy giving life to objects and materials, and we always look for a new challenge.

Hajar Moradi‘s professional experience is grounded in illustration and art direction. Alongside this professional career, she has developed and nurtured the passion and skills for painting, photography and mixed media.

For the past four years she has been seriously exploring the world of motion graphics and animation, an experience which, thus far, has resulted in a couple of short animations and a number of stop-motions and music videos.

Kajeh Mehrizi is an animator and filmmaker. He graduated from classical and 3D animation arts in 2005. He started his career as a 3D generalist and animator, having to work with software and animation productions such as SideFx, Two Presidents Productions, The Skonkworks, Gallus Entertainment, BBC Kids, Documentary Channel and Teletoons.

His love for creative work and mix media and experience in big production pipelines drove him to join with other talents to create Kajart Productions which has resulted in a number of short animations, stop motion and music videos.

Taravat Khalili is an alternative filmmaker. She studied filmmaking at Sheridan College, earned her bachelor’s degree and is continuing her education and research in the master’s of fine arts at York University.

Personal experiences and emotions have inspired her to explore her inner feelings through filmmaking. Taravat is the recipient of numerous film awards from various film festivals including Tirgan Film Festival, MaGa Macon Film Festival and Viva Doc International. Her films have been officially selected for major festival’s such as Hot Docs, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Cinematheque Winnipeg and CineSiege.

Vahid Fazel is an artist and illustrator. He started his career studying graphic design at Shahed University of Art and earned a BA in graphic design and illustration in 2005. Ever since he has been busy creating illustrations for advertising, books and short animations and music videos. His passion for animation and cartooning has motivated him to explore the world of animation and motion graphics.


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