Hunger’s Core

A poverty-stricken child struggles for food while surrounded by oblivious individuals in the midst of eating – their actions continuing his battle with life.

Creative team

Directors/animators: Christine Chung, Salwa Majoka

Filmmakers’ statement

Our goal with Hunger’s Core was to dissect the concept of world hunger which has been so overused in terms of its name that it has become somewhat of an installation to us in society today.

In that sense, it has become something which we often overlook and feel exists ‘naturally’ around us when, in actuality, we ourselves have created it. This is a role everyone who is not a victim of poverty has played and is currently playing.

Essentially, we wanted to relay the raw idea of how this continuing system is the ‘monster’ that devours those who fall victim to it. The goal was to be metaphorical but literal at the same time, and wrap everything into an intense tone, making it somewhat more unconventional in comparison to other world hunger-themed works.

About Christine Chung

Christine Chung

Christine Chung is a lifelong creative doer currently studying for her bachelor’s of animation at Sheridan College.

As a growing artist, she explores themes of the human condition and is still learning to be a storyteller. One day, she hopes to be bold and articulate in the projects she directs.

About Salwa Majoka

Salwa Majoka is a visual storyteller working towards a bachelor of design in illustration at OCAD University.

She finds art to be a mode of communication that can speak to individuals all over the world and strives to reference social issues and ideas in her work in an effort to create with purpose.

She hopes to create meaningful projects that can induce human connections and responses, and enjoys the idea of one day doing so in a collaborative studio setting.

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