In a high school bathroom, a student’s secret ritual is interrupted by her classmate, who arouses something powerful inside her.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Matt Walker

Filmmaker’s statement

Lips was originally conceived as an exploration of what was perhaps, in high school, the scariest part of my life and humanity: sex.

I was interested in confronting both the agonizing guilt and profound titillation of this foreign and frightening notion, especially when in conflict with a conservative, religious upbringing.

I was also interested in exploring the setting of a high school bathroom – a setting both familiar and frightening, ripe with opposites of comfort and insecurity, safety and claustrophobia.

I aimed for a viewer to identify and journey with the young high school girl at the heart of the piece, as she takes a small but glorious step towards reconciling her guilt with her religion and embracing her sexual impulses.

About Matt Walker

Matt Walker

Matt is a director and actor born and raised in Toronto. He trained for a year as an actor at the Juilliard School before enrolling at Harvard University, where he is graduating with a degree in neurobiology.

He is a student of Greek New Wave filmmaker Athina Rachel Tsangari. His short films have been shown at the Ivy Film Festival, Harvard Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival Court Métrage and marketplace at the Palm Springs International Shortfest.

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