Period Piece

Renee is trying to create a film with a positive message. Unfortunately, in a world that is less than perfect, it may end up costing her her life.

Creative team

Writer/director/co-producer: James McLellan
Co-producer: Brian Roach

Filmmaker’s statement

Period Piece was inspired by a curious observation; in a time of unrivalled wealth and comfort in North America, the most popular television shows and films seemed to be about gritty raw survival. The idea of having next to nothing, in very difficult circumstances and fighting to survive.

It’s as though the more we have and the more comfortable life is the more we daydream about having nothing and clawing our way through life.

It made me think about the people who live in challenging situations and what they might dream of. I thought they would probably dream of having what we have now. And thus Period Piece was born.

In fact an entire feature film was written that follows this rag tag team as they try to make something beautiful in their godforsaken world.

We shot for four days over the August ’13 long weekend and it rained on us three of the four days. Getting rained out on day two at 2 p.m. was a tough time but everyone was feeling good about the film and it looked like we were going to get enough sun the next two days to finish the film.

We had no lights for the shoot, just bounces, so we split up scenes and shot based on the position of the sun. It was tough for the actors (and horses!) but I think it worked out pretty well.

There was no funding to shoot the film so with 27 actors and about 18 crew there was an incredible amount of generosity from a ton of great people. I literally started typing out the names of everyone who made a huge impact on the success of this film and basically every name in the end credits was there. So many great people! Huge thanks to all!

About James McLellan

James McLellan

James McLellan is a filmmaker and high school teacher in Winnipeg.

The themes for his films are inspired by events and experiences that he has witnessed as a teacher, soldier, adventurer and father.

Period Piece, winner of the Best Canadian Short Film award at the Toronto Afterdark Film Festival and Audience Choice Manitoba Short Film Award at the Gimli Film Festival will be air on CBC’s Short Film Face Off on September 19 in a countdown to the best short film in Canada.

James’ previous short film Tucked and Folded Away toured the festival circuit and is available online.

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