Teenage Dance

A boy and a girl get ready for their school dance. The girl asks the boy what he likes about her. The boy admires the girl’s physical traits. The girl likes the way the boy smiles. As they get closer and closer to being ready for the dance, their answers seem less certain.

Creative team

Writer/director: Adam Bentley
Producer: Curtis Alexander

Filmmaker’s statement

This film is the result of a conversation I had with a transgendered young person about how the inherent challenges of becoming an adult are compounded if you are from a marginalized community.

Sometimes there are people in your social circle who can help you through tough times. Sometimes you have no one else and you must rely on your own will. Those times are the most difficult because you can only do so much to succeed and even then that is not always guaranteed.

Teenage Dance is an example of one of those days.

About Adam Bentley

Adam Bentley

Adam Bentley is an Alberta filmmaker who writes and directs cinema that explores place, space, identity and self-awareness in an era of multimedia saturation.

His short films have been screened and won awards at festivals across Canada, the US, the Netherlands and on Air Canada.

He is currently in development on This City is Art, a curated series of short stories inspired by people’s experiences with Edmonton’s vast collection of public art.

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