A clueless boyfriend and a desperate woman with a positive home pregnancy test indulge in a game of cat and really stupid mouse in this dark comedy that begs the question: why can’t guys take a hint?

Creative team

Writer/director: Collin Friesen
Producer: Stephanie Czajkowski

Filmmaker’s statement

Sometimes you read a headline and immediately say, “Well that’s a Channing Tatum vehicle.” Other times, you just say, “Wow, short film!”

Tested, the latter of those, isn’t just the story of a woman trying to lock down a dim-witted mate, but … okay, that’s mostly it.

Technically it was also an exercise in speed, staging and how to deal with a neighbour’s persistent backhoe’s BEEEPBEEPBEEP that limited certain takes to 20 seconds max. We had two days to film, so three locations was about all we could muster.

But our three-person crew worked very hard as did the backhoe driver. Like, seriously.

About Collin Friesen

Collin Friesen is a former CBC reporter who has written for FOX Searchlight, HBO, and Universal, and has credits on films including The Big White with Robin Williams, The Con Artist with Donald Sutherland, as well as a SARS TV movie CTV did a long time ago.

He is also a regular contributor to The Frame on Los Angeles’ KPCC national public radio as well as Left Jab on Sirus XM.

His first short film Farm Sluts is still up on YouTube, so there’s that as well.


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