After the fall of civilization, a resourceful young lady named Dakota must live out her days alone in the wilderness.

She manages to survive peacefully until one day she is attacked by a group of savage and cannibalistic bandits.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Ryan J. Sheridan
Writer/producer: Alex Bains

Filmmaker’s statement

Everyday life is in constant fluctuation and all it takes is a moment’s notice for one’s circumstance to take a turn for the worse. I feel we take things for granted since we are so dependent on technology.

I wanted to direct and produce Vagabond to see what life is like without the everyday necessities. This short film follows a resourceful young lady named Dakota as she survives in an apocalyptic setting. Dakota is met by a group of bandits, who in turn capture her for their next meal.

For as long as I can remember, post-apocalyptic films have been among my favourite genre. Something about the journey of surviving with the bare minimum has always captivated me. It was important for me to direct this film simply because I was able to convey the plot through a genre I love.

Vagabond shows us what one must do when everything is torn away from you.

We had began our filming in the midst of a brutal Canadian winter. This project seemed impossible with our limited experience, yet we were persistent and came out on top. If there is one thing I want the audience to take away from this short film it’s that nothing is impossible, even though it may seem that way.

About Ryan J. Sheridan

Ryan J. Sheridan

Ryan J. Sheridan began his film career attending Dalhousie University. Hungry for experience and passionate about film, Ryan started his own company Indigo7Productions Inc.

He refined his camera skills through heavy travelling while cataloguing his adventures through photography. He developed a unique perspective on framing and colour then applied these techniques to directing, his true passion.

Indigo7Productions is a fast growing company due to Ryan’s ambitious personality. He has now directed many shorts including Vagabond and the recently completed My Normal Dad.

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