Blue Eyed Drunks

Ali is 15, a Pakistani immigrant, and a Muslim. He’s caught between his best friend, Mehdi, who’s angry and socially awkward, and Samantha, a girl at his school who he’s fallen in love with.

Following his life over the course of a single day, in between fights and parties, moments of anger and introspection, moments of connection and disconnection, Blue Eyed Drunks is a look at the immigrant identity and a deconstruction of south Asian manhood.

Creative team

Writer/director: Abdul Malik
Producers: Abdul Malik, Shant Joshi, Jeffrey Holiday, Maria Todorov-Topouzov

Filmmaker’s statement

This film came from a realization that the works I did in film school didn’t actually reflect who I was, or where I came from. In a way, this doesn’t either.

It’s a (drastically compressed and broad-stroked) examination of people I knew, once, in high school. But it was still, for me, a manner in which to look at the way I grew up and the ways I came into adulthood, and the way I’ve seen the distinction between two very specific cultures leave people confused and and angry.

I struggle at the intersection of where my family came from and the way I was raised, against the world I was immediately a part of and that I actually wanted to be in. [It was] a difficult one, and not exclusive to me.

I hope that even if the specifics are different, the immediate ideas are relatable for everyone. I hope everyone can empathize with this in some way or another.

About Abdul Malik

Abdul Malik

Abdul Malik is a filmmaker and journalist from Mississauga, Ontario.

Coming out of York University’s film production program, Abdul has made several shorts and is working on a slate of longer projects.

He’s a cofounder of Paper Frame Pictures, a production company begun by six York alumni.

He’s been published in several outlets, both in print and online, and is always looking for a good story or project to develop.

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