Mo is a young man running a car dealership who tweets: “I think this is it #killingmyself.”

Shortly after, Emily shows up on the lot looking to buy a car.

Creative team

Writer/director: Imogen Grace
Producers: Robyn Laliberte, Mario Scenna

Filmmaker’s statement

All that is sad or hilarious, inspirational or derogatory, shameful or curious, tedious or practical, destructive or worthy is available to us immediately, and all the time. Those who use it find themselves consistently bewildered at their own bizarre and unexpected tastes.

(For example, at the time of writing this statement, this author, unable to contain herself from clicking on the sidebar of her Facebook feed, has just completed viewing the viral video entitled Roux the Pomeranian sneezing. Though an admittedly glorious 11 seconds while it lasted, the experience left a rather unsatisfying and bashful aftertaste.)

#Cold is an attempt, through humour, to make peace with that which is inherently unresolvable. Our desire to connect without risk.

The short film was shot as an ACTRA co-op over one extremely cold night with the collaborative efforts of a talented cast and crew: director of photography Cameron Bryson, actors Emily Piggford and Nadeem Umar Khitab, producers Robyn Laliberte and Mario Scenna, editor Mark Zanin, and composer Geoff Manchester.

A shout out is also due to the great folks at Toronto Auto Group.

About Imogen Grace

Imogen Grace

Imogen is an actor, writer and filmmaker based in Toronto.

She attended acting school in New York City and shortly after became a script coverage intern at Killer Films, beginning her love affair with film sets and cold coffee.

She has since produced, written and directed numerous short films that have screened at international film festivals. Last year she was nominated for the Lindalee Tracey Filmmaker Award presented at Hot Docs, and was one of eight women selected to take part in a five-month film mentorship program at the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto.

Imogen is looking forward to working with director Giovanni Vannini on the upcoming feature Come un Lampo Che Scintilla (Like a Sparkling Flash of Lightning) in Italy in fall, 2015.

Finally, she is excited for the launch of her women in film initiative The Bechdel Bill, asking producers and filmmakers to pledge that the films they make will pass the Bechdel Test.

She wants to thank the National Screen Institute for the opportunity to showcase her work on this awesome platform.

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