Jack and Jill are two lost souls trapped in a crumbling house on the edge of oblivion.

In this purgatorial house the lovers must come to terms with the tragic consequences of their relationship while a mad jester waxes poetic on a broken television.

Creative team

Writers: Frank Forrestall, Steve Hatcher
Directors/producers: Frank Forrestall, Dean Soltys, Ehren Davis

Filmmaker’s statement

JackenJill is the culmination of numerous themes which I’ve explored in my writing, art and film work.

I’ve always had a soft spot for horror and genre films but my interest stems from a lifetime interest in folklore and mythology and the spiritual connotations of genre and horror imagery. I see all modern horror stories as the spiritual descendants of the nursery rhymes and bogie stories of ages past.

These stories have always played an important role in the psychological makeup of a community; exploring ideas and themes which are, at times, difficult to discuss or fully articulate in the public sphere. Often they are warning signs of weakness in the community’s psycho-spiritual dynamics.

In truly effective horror stories there can be found – somewhere behind the artifice of blood and monsters – an important psychological message for the community.

With JackenJill I wanted to explore modern ideas of an afterlife – in particular the concept of purgatory – through the lens of the well-known (albeit enigmatic) nursery rhyme Jack and Jill.

About Frank Forrestall

Frank Forrestall

Frank has produced numerous short animated films and music videos.

In 1999 Frank developed Tales of Irth, an animated web series in conjunction with DreamWorks SKG.

In 2002 he produced and directed a one-hour animated documentary entitled Fairy Folio: A Field Guide to the Faerie for CTV. And in 2012 Frank produced and directed the dramatic short JackenJill which screened at numerous international film festivals.

Frank has produced work for a broad range of projects and markets in Canada, UK and USA. His design, animation and directorial work has been commissioned by DreamWorks SKG, CTV National, TeleToon, National Geographic and CBC.


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