Rite of Spring

During the dog days of summer, a group of teenage boys inhabits a makeshift bike park in a secluded wooded area of Toronto.

Creative team

Writer: Danijel Margetic
Director/producer: Glen Wood

Filmmaker’s statement

Rite of Spring is a very personal short film about the dynamics between young men and the often treacherous domain of developing masculine identity.

Growing up gay in Saskatchewan in the ’80s, I am very familiar with the kind of bullying that gay youth encounter.

I played tier one hockey for many years in my youth, spending the majority of my weekends travelling around the province playing hockey in tournaments involving overnight stays and being largely ostracized within this sensitive and hyper-masculine environment.

I know the particular minefield that athletics are for gay youths. You don’t need to ‘come out’ in this environment to experience terrorizing; young men automatically sense difference and react to it.

Rite of Spring is planted firmly in the world of teens struggling with their sexual orientation and the reactions of their surrounding. It explores the viewpoint of young boys for whom this imaginary future in which ‘it gets better’ seems to be impossibly far away – leading them to despair and [take] rash action against themselves or others.

I made this film as a love letter of sorts to the ostracized 15-year-old boy I once was.

About Glen Wood

Glen Wood

Glen Wood originally distinguished himself as a leader in the motion picture distribution industry; in marketing departments at Lions Gate Films and Seville Pictures and later as the president of Microfilms and the director of home entertainment at Mongrel Media.

In 2007-08, Glen attended the Canadian Film Centre where he produced Adam Avenger which was awarded the Golden Sprocket and the Golden Kite awards for best short film at Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival for Children and Nueva Mirada International Film Festival in Buenos Aires, respectively.

In 2011 Glen directed and produced In the Light for bravoFACT which has been viewed over 1 million times on YouTube.

In 2013 Glen produced Stage to Screen, an anthology film series to celebrate the 100th anniversary of The Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre at TIFF and directed his follow-up film, Rite of Spring, with the assistance of bravoFACT, Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council.

As producer, Glen recently finished his first feature film The Dark Stranger which was developed through NSI Features First.

In 2015 Glen was one of seven producers from across Canada selected for Bell Media’s Executive Producer Accelerator Program.

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