A Horse With No Name

In the desert no one remembers your name … unless you’re a talking horse.

Creative team

Writer/director: Adrian Patterson
Producers: Adrian Patterson, Jessica Hill, Meghan Kinsley

Filmmaker’s statement

A Horse With No Name was conceived around the idea of a lonely cowboy lost in the rolling desert hills with no one to talk to and grieve his problems with but a horse. The cowboy character was made more tragic with the idea of a witty, verbally abusive horse.

I always wanted to shoot in the desert around Cache Creek, BC. There is such a unique look to the landscape there.

Unfortunately our shoot coincided with the biggest rainstorm of the summer forcing us to scale our shoot down from two days to one.

We decided from the beginning to shoot as much as possible around the magic hour and use very little colour correction. This turned out to be one of my favorite shoots to date and I love the way the hills light up just before sun set.

The character of Marta was used to bring conflict and highlight Frank’s tragic predicament.

Due to high winds from the passing storm almost all of our dialogue had to be re-done in post. This ended up taking much more time but gave us more flexibility with the horse character’s lines as our actor was wearing a mask the whole time.

Lucas Ross and Nolan McNaughton did an amazing job with the foley and the score for the film. This is the third film we’ve done together now.

In the end I’m really happy how the film turned out.

About Adrian Patterson

Adrian Patterson

Adrian began his love for film at the age of eight when he made his first film with friend and fellow producer Jessica Hill, on a PXL-2000 in the basement of his parent’s house.

After attending film school in Vancouver, BC he went to work on cruise ships producing and shooting onboard advertising. He later produced and directed the comedic cooking show Hibachi In The Rain for Novus TV – a 14-part series exploring the lighter side of outdoor cooking and adventure culminating in the final episode shot in Hawaii on the Island of Maui.

In 2010 Adrian directed and produced the feature film Stenwyken, a physiological thriller based on a First Nations legend. The film enjoyed success winning best foreign feature at the Big Island Film Festival. The following year he travelled to Cannes, France to take part in the Marche Du Film, gaining experience in film distribution.

Returning to Vancouver, Adrian directed and wrote the short film Ronny Nomad and The Legendary Napkins Of Wood, a comedy starring legendary ex-NHL hockey player Gino Odjick. The film won best comedic short at the Oregon Independent Film Festival.

Adrian is also the founder and president of Firelake Productions Inc., a film production company based in Vancouver, BC.


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