Breaking the Rules

Rules, dealbreakers and misunderstandings: a post-game analysis of what happens when bad dating happens to good people.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Kathy Leung
Co-writer: Matt Yoshikazu Gates
Co-producer: Robin Chan

Filmmaker’s statement

This film was ignited as a casual conversation (or, more truthfully, a gossip session) among friends who knew people with peculiar and hilarious hang ups about who they were dating.

I think I can safely say we’ve all been there at one time or another, especially in this increasingly connected age, in analyzing someone else’s every move and looking to our tribe to help make sense of it all.

In North American mainstream media, the abundance of film and TV exploring relationships are made with a singular type of representation. This point of view is valid of course, but why not make choices that are more indicative of the environment we find ourselves in?

As a filmmaker who happens to be diverse, I wanted to provide opportunities for actors and to showcase talent who may not be seen in this kind of role otherwise, tackling material that isn’t necessarily inherent in or about their race.

We hope you enjoy this lighthearted, little piece and can see yourself (or a friend) in one of these characters. If there’s a connection or chemistry, and if one allows it the chance instead of punting it off, arbitrary rules or dealbreakers don’t seem to matter. It’s the proverbial small stuff we needn’t sweat, but rather laugh about instead.

About Kathy Leung

Kathy Leung

As a writer, sometimes ‘slash’ director, Kathy’s films have screened at numerous festivals, receiving two Golden Sheaf nominations and a Leo award nomination.

Her scripts were selected for Whistler International Film Festival’s short scripts competition and twice for Citytv’s Cinecity Initiatives (Breaking the Rules was one of them).

Red Letters, a full-length original musical she co-wrote, was produced by Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre and toured in British Columbia.

She currently is a co-producer of the feature-length horror film The Hollow Ones, directed by Jeremy Lutter, which was selected for the Telefilm Micro-Budget Production Program.

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