Flower Girl

Alex does not like the idea of giving up her image for the sake of her mother’s wedding day and would rather be competing for a green belt in her karate tournament.

After having an argument with her mother on the morning of the wedding, Alex is left standing on her front steps with the difficult decision whether to stay or go.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Dominique van Olm
Co-producers: Bezayit Menker, Darren Snowden

Filmmaker’s statement

Flower Girl captures the difficult transitions kids go through when developing their own identity and brings home what it is like to be a young girl facing the different expectations that come along with growing up.

I believe this is an important story to tell because every kid goes through their own challenges when they are required to make choices they really don’t want to make.

About Dominique van Olm

Dominique van Olm

Dominique van Olm is a born-and-raised Calgarian and a recent graduate of the film studies program at Ryerson University in Toronto.

She has collaborated with many musicians and artists in both the west and east, working on live performance videos, experimental projects and narrative shorts.

She loves telling stories and looking through the viewfinder of her Mamiya 645.

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