Mars Barb

Barbara Keith lives in Surrey, BC and wants to go to Mars with Mars One, a mission that plans to establish the first permanent human settlement on the Red Planet.

From an original pool of 200,000 applicants worldwide, Barb makes it to the last 700.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Milena Salazar

Filmmaker’s statement

Mars One has received extensive media coverage since its announcement in 2012.

The mission has been widely criticized and contested by many, applauded by others. Despite the controversy surrounding the project, I was drawn to the subject matter because of how it had captured people’s imaginations.

When I met Barbara Keith, I was impressed by her determination, as well as her fearless outlook towards participating in a radical one-way mission to Mars. Mars Barb explores Barb’s motivations – the memories, aspirations and fantasies that inspired this commitment.

Visually, I wanted to play with the ways in which we could portray this internal landscape. In terms of sound, Vancouver artist Gretchen Snakes created a score that is key in transporting us to this otherworldly realm.

I hope viewers are inspired by Barb’s attitude and sense of humour like I have been.

About Milena Salazar

Milena Salazar

Milena Salazar was born in San José, Costa Rica and is currently based in Vancouver, BC.

Mars Barb, her first film, was produced in the documentary film program at Pull Focus Film School.

Milena is part of DOXA Documentary Film Festival’s screening committee and works for the BC chapter of the Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC).

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