The Toll

A toll booth attendant’s life is thrown into turmoil when a car crashes into his toll plaza.

Creative team

Writers: Scott Simpson, Chris MacKinnon
Director: Scott Simpson
Producers: Scott Simpson, Marc Savoie, Jessica Brown, Angus Swantee

Filmmaker’s statement

The Toll is a classic thriller inspired by my love for suspense master Alfred Hitchcock and appreciation for contemporary auteurs like the Coen brothers.

The story was inspired by my own ‘run-in’ with a toll booth late one night. And my fascination with unique settings – in this case, a deserted highway in the middle of the night – and the potential characters that inhabit them.

The film is ultimately about a dilemma: one split second decision that has the potential to change the lead character’s life. It’s a common theme in my work and one I continue to explore.

About Scott Simpson

Scott Simpson

Based in Halifax, Scott Simpson has been writing, directing and producing all manner of motion pictures for over a decade.

His latest short, The Toll, is Scott’s third as director/producer. Others include the multi-award winning Terminal Lunch and the Gemini-nominated December, 1917.

His first feature film, Touch & Go, co-starred Ellen Page and was deemed by Variety to have “a light helming touch, a breakout lead performance … neatly shot with a quirky, original style.”

In addition, Scott has made music videos for a host of Canada’s brightest musical talents including Erin Costelo, Rose Cousins, David Myles, Jill Barber and Gypsophilia, among others.

He is a three-time East Coast Music Awards nominee and two-time nominee for Music Nova Scotia’s video of the year. His video for The Divorcees’ The Crows won the Atlantic Film Festival 10×10 prize.

As a documentary director and producer, Scott has helmed over 40 hours of prime time television for CBC, Discovery, National Geographic, History Channel and the NFB. His commercial directing resume includes Ice Award winners in both 2012 and 2013.

Scott was born in Australia and spent his childhood in New York before moving to Halifax to study at the University of Kings’ College.

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