Umbrella of Damocles

A surreal dark comedy about an accidental (yet fatal) umbrella wound to the head and a friend’s dying wish.

The film explores the duty-bound altruism of Lawrence as he becomes the adoptive father of his slain friend’s put-upon wife and young boy.

Creative team

Writers/directors: Aaron Allard, James Lafleur
Producer: Matt Donahue

Filmmaker’s statement

Umbrella of Damocles exists in a world that lures you in with its familiarity, only to leave you disarmed as everything you know slowly slips away.

We decided to tell this story through the use of static shots that pass no judgement on the subjects on which they focus. In doing so, the viewer is allowed to see every character’s movement as they discover each other and adapt to their stifling surroundings.

With a heightened sense of environment, sounds and peculiar discourse between characters, we construct an air of mystery that engages the audience and forces them to question what they are seeing.

In the end we are left with the question of how far is too far when it comes to obligation and civility. How far would you go?

About Aaron Allard and James Lafleur

Aaron Allard and James Lafleur

Aaron Allard was born in Oakville, Ontario.

At the age of four (under mysterious circumstances), he was taken to see the motion picture La Bamba. It was from that moment on that his passion for the moving image was born.

James Lafleur was born in Welland, Ontario. He spent his formative years in his parents’ cavernous basement watching John Carpenter movies, only emerging for sunlight out of bare necessity. His favourite film is Tremors.

Aaron and James’ filmography includes short documentary Hotel Torgo which has been mentioned in Entertainment Weekly, The LA Times and Broken Pencil.

Aaron and James now live in Toronto where they have co-founded Charlemagne Films.

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