A Short Recess

A tense meeting evolves into a very interesting conversation about woman troubles, career planning, current fashion and the latest tech gadgets.

Creative team

Writer: Simon Ogden
Director: Glen McDonald
Producer: Paul Fler

Filmmaker’s statement

With the exception of the last shot, the camera is never static, giving the viewer a voyeuristic experience.

When Shane looks directly into the camera, breaking the fourth wall, the viewer is put directly into the victim’s shoes, sharing the surreal experience that people in similar situations describe.

This short play, written by Simon Ogden, is an absurd drama in the vein of Beckett or Ionesco. The situation, as accessible as it is to the viewer, just isn’t real. None of these characters exist outside of that alley. The lady with the phone isn’t seen arriving or leaving, she’s just there for that moment.

At the end, the wide shot of the two men standing there as the credits roll could be viewed as a break in the action for the characters. As if the two men will replay the scene once Shane has finished his cigarette.

About Glen McDonald

Glen McDonald

Glen McDonald has won multiple awards for his short films and comedy sketches at film festivals throughout North America.

He works in Toronto, primarily as an actor, and helps to raise his children with his wife Michele, and also does whatever she tells him to do.

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