A determined film student sets out to achieve a childhood dream but doesn’t realize the sacrifices involved.

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Writer/director/producer: Michelle Brunette

Filmmaker’s statement

Bloom was made when I was going through a tough time trying to stand out in college.

Everyone seemed to have found their niche while I wasn’t quite there yet which, in turn, caused me to fall behind.

I specialized in documentary filmmaking and was struggling with working on my classmates’ projects when my professor told me that if I could pitch a documentary idea of my own that was interesting enough, he would let me focus on my own project.

Toying around with ideas that I knew would be cliché crowd-pleasers, I felt discouraged when none of them felt like ‘me.’

At the time, I was on year 11 of my Orlando Bloom obsession. Seeking familiar comfort in his films, I loaded a Lord of the Rings DVD for inspiration. There was my answer, right in front of me the entire time.

I was going to make my life-long dream come true and at the same time remind everyone that anything is possible. Sure enough, my professor loved the idea and gave it the green light.

I would never have imagined the roadblocks and winding roads I had ahead of me. I had no idea that it would grow and transform into such a defining moment in my life.

About Michelle Brunette

Michelle Brunette

Michelle Brunette is a film studies graduate from Sheridan College. She specializes in documentary filmmaking and film production.

Michelle’s pieces tell personal stories through a lens that others can relate to.

Bloom won awards for best documentary and people’s choice from the Sheridan Media Arts awards 2013.

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