When 18-year-old Jesse returns home from an eating disorder clinic, he discovers that adjusting to life outside the program may be more difficult than he suspected.

Creative team

Writer/director: Max Martin
Producer: Julia Hutchison

Filmmaker’s statement

No one feels 100% confident in their own skin. It’s this notion that inspired the short film Bull.

The universal feeling of just not being good enough is a painful one that is explored through Jesse’s struggle with mental illness. Yet the story is anchored in an often undiscussed perspective – a man struggling with body image.

My hope is that Bull can help individuals navigate their complex relationships with food and appearance, examine their own insecurities and question the extent to which we go to achieve our goals.

About Max Martin

Max Martin

Max Martin is a writer and director for film and media.

An honours graduate of film at Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts, Max has honed his skills as a storyteller and filmmaker. He aims to tell compelling stories that are socially aware and rooted in the human condition.

He has worked as a writer and director on numerous short dramas and documentaries, as well as independent music video productions.

Past directing credits include Absolute Alice, Fishbowl, Landslide and Bull. Music video work includes Intro by Samara York and Rebel Rebel by Tallan M.D.

Max is the recipient of the Universal Studios Canada award in filmmaking.

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