Burn The Tapes

A young woman’s new life is threatened when a stack of cassette tapes reveals a haunting truth about her husband.

Creative team

Writers/directors: Brit Kewin, Nick Kewin
Producer: Jillian Gora

Filmmaker’s statement

Burn the Tapes was a shot in the dark. We were largely inexperienced.

My sister Brit is a visual anthropologist and I am a writer. We decided to collaborate on a project. If we did anything right, it was compiling a great group of people that all used their specific skill sets to help us bring this project to life.

We shot it at our family cottage over the course of a weekend, and we learned a lot on the way. It was our first foray into filmmaking, it was an incredible experience and we are extremely proud of the end result.

It was our first film but it will not be our last. Our newest short, Welcome Stranger, is currently in post production and scheduled for online release November 2015.

About Brit Kewin

Brit Kewin

Brit has always had a literary bent but her focus shifted to film in the fall of 2011 when she was accepted into the visual anthropology program at Goldsmith’s College, University of London. There, Brit fell in love with film as a medium and was able to hone both her storytelling and editing skills in making her short thesis doc on assisted suicide, To Our Own Completed Lives.

Burn The Tapes marked Brit’s foray into narrative work. She is currently strengthening her skills as an evaluator and visual storyteller at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto.

About Nick Kewin

Nick Kewin

Nick has produced a large volume of short and long fiction and works as a web content creator. Burn The Tapes marks a shift in artistic focus for Nick and is the first time that he has written for a visual medium.

As a musician he writes and records under the name Old Nick and is also a member of the Toronto band Fort York.

[NSI’s short film columnist James McNally interviewed the filmmakers about the development of Burn the Tapes in a three-part series on our website.]

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