A single father searches for his runaway son as he grapples with his declining mental state.

Creative team

Writer/director: Chris Barnard
Producer: Elizabeth Mudenyo

Filmmaker’s statement

I was sitting in the subway waiting for the train when I looked up to see an ad on the monitor displaying a missing teenager. I recognized the picture from many years before where I’d seen it on the back of trucks driving down the highway.

It struck me that this individual had been missing for many years and yet his parents had still not given up their search. It made me wonder what it would be like to be a parent in such a situation, and how one copes with feelings of guilt, uncertainty and lack of closure in such a prolonged scenario.

This film is an exploration of these thoughts.

About Chris Barnard

Chris Barnard

Chris Barnard is a multi-media artist and recent graduate of Ryerson University’s film studies program.

He strongly believes in the power of art and storytelling through images, and their role as a vital life force in society. His goal is to create work that entertains, inspires and moves others to make their own unique artistic contributions to the world.

His films have been screened at several film festivals including Doc North and Montreal World Film Festival.

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