The Car

Stanley has been having some bad luck. After being kicked out of his apartment he is forced to live in his car in the parking lot at work.

Creative team

Writer/producer: Joffrey Saintrapt, Kyle McDonald
Director: Joffrey Saintrapt

Filmmaker’s statement

Making The Car was a great adventure. It was an independent production with a great cast and crew who shared their talents and love of film to make this project happen.

I started developing the story for The Car when I noticed how important cars are in the lives of North Americans.

It was fascinating to me how people enjoy spending time in their cars, even when the car is in park! Like an extension of a house, a car is a mobile room where people can be alone. I watched people eating in their car during lunch breaks, sometimes just texting or resting, reading a book or a newspaper.

Taking this a step further, I imagined people living in their car and I began my story there.

I imagined what the life of a man having just a car as a roof could be like. How does he work? Where does he keep his clothes? His food? How does he take a shower? How does he sleep at night? What is his place in a capitalist society? In a selfish world?

The central character is an ordinary man, just like you or I, who gets knocked down by different people in his life in the course of one day. The intent is to show that it is very easy to hit rock bottom, to lose everything you own and become homeless in less than 24 hours.

He does not have time to realize what is happening to him; that at each moment there is another person waiting to take another little slice of his remaining existence.

Doing a dark comedy was a new challenge for the team who worked on this film. Kyle McDonald and I worked to find the right satirical tone for dialogues and with the situations. With DOP Yoann Malnati we chose to shoot the film in 4.3 aspect ratio to create a feeling of being boxed-in through the framing.

Working on set with a great team of professional actors gave life to the characters.

Each step of creating this film has been a learning experience – from finding the rhythm of the movie with the editor Pauline Decroix to collaborating for the first time with Nocide, the composer of the film’s soundtrack.

We are now excited to show this short film to different audiences around the world bringing a simple, honest and funny story to life.

About Joffrey Saintrapt

Joffrey Saintrapt

Born in France, Joffrey Saintrapt started directing his own films while in film school focusing on drama, experimental, documentary and music videos.

For the last decade he has been working as a freelance director, DOP and editor in both France and Canada. He has collaborated with the National Film Board of Canada (Toronto), le Centre National de la Cinématographie (Paris) and networks such as CNN, TFO, Unis TV5, CBC and M6 Group.

Besides his work as a freelancer, Joffrey is a screenwriter, independent producer and director. He loves making films and telling stories.

A selection of his credits include: Made in Paris (Official Selection Short Corner Cannes 2013), The Car (Official Selection Short Corner Cannes 2015, Canadian Labour International Film Fest 2015) and Blurred Memories (Official Selection Toronto Independant Film Fest 2015).

He recently completed his last short film Made in Montréal which was shot in the province of Quebec.

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