Descrambled Eggs

Wordsmith Steve Currie navigates an existential maze as he materializes in a waiting room, gets lost in the bedsheets, faces a hearty breakfast and wanders naked through a grocery store.

Creative team

Writer: Steve Currie
Director/producer: Kayla Jeanson

Filmmaker’s statement

That time I burst into a grocery store and filmed this naked poet …

Steve and I were paired up through the Winnipeg Film Group’s F-Wordz contest, after which this film was awarded audience favourite.

Descrambled Eggs is a jumble of ideas with a loose narrative but I think the images we chose matched the clever pacing of Steve’s poetry. It’s kind of silly but, at the heart of it, the poem longs for comfort – for answers to its difficult questions about existence.

While it may come short of providing anything more concrete than a hamster wheel of thoughts, the film provokes us to consider how we create meaning in our lives. For Steve, it is words that give his existence purpose; his body is “like a factory on stilts” precariously pumping out words for the universe to absorb. For me, it is movement – dance is perhaps the language I speak most fluently, which is captured on screen in an interesting way.

Thus, we have the weird mashup that is Descrambled Eggs.

About Kayla Jeanson

Kayla Jeanson

Kayla Jeanson is filmmaker and video producer who specializes in dance-related media, from narrative screendance to documentary work.

Her short film Le Dernier Soir (2011) garnered attention for its hybrid nature as a documentary / music video and [for its] unique style. Since then, she has dabbled in cinematography, editing and directing for videos that have been seen on CBC, APTN, MTS and Shaw.

Kayla holds a BA in film studies from the University of Manitoba, and she studied for two years at The School of Contemporary Dancers.

She has produced video with prominent choreographers Rachel Browne, Brent Lott, Jolene Bailie, Odette Heyn, Peter Quanz, Alex Elliott and Ming Hon. Her fledgling company Parachute Media Lab is in production on a number of projects (documentary, commercial and interactive) that will be released in 2016.

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