Absence Without Leave

A man finds that his daily routine of getting ready for work is somewhat numbing until he arrives in the boardroom overwhelmed by the grind of the work space. He begins to be free again.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Lindsay George
Co-writer: Natalie Gan

Filmmaker’s statement

Absence Without Leave brings to light the frustration of monotonous, everyday life and the need to break out of the routine.

There is a small part inside our protagonist that wishes to be free, that reminds him of the child with big dreams beyond the life he now lives.

This film was a collaboration between professional choreographer Natalie Gan and I as part of Cineworks Vancouver’s Brief Encounters program. Our aim was to bring together a mutual idea of the Peter Pan complex that is commonly felt by the millennial generation.

I saw the opportunity to tell this story without the use of dialogue but rather as a series of images that tell the routine of the man before he breaks out into a movement that shows his frustration with his life.

Dance is such a powerful way to show raw emotion and was integral to making Absence Without Leave the visual tale it has become.

About Lindsay George

Lindsay George

Lindsay George is an award-winning cinematographer working on fictional films, documentaries and music videos. Absence Without Leave is her first foray into directing her own projects and combines her love of interesting imagery with her first passion of dance.

Shortly after graduation from UBC, she received a Leo Award for work on the short film The Porcelain Man and began her career as a professional cinematographer.

Through the work of several short films and features, she has been recognized as one of 10 to watch by Playback Magazine in Canadian film and has received the Kodak Image Award for her work in cinematography.

Her films have been official selections at many prestigious film festivals such as TIFF, SXSW, VIFF, Whistler Film Festival, Fantasia, Telefilm’s Not Short on Talent at Cannes Court Mertage and Austin Film Festival.

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