Chalk Dust

Through a series of elaborate chalk drawings, a girl who is deaf is able to hear again.

Creative team

Writer: Simon Paluck
Director: Will Bowes
Producers: Michelle Solomon, Simon Paluck

Filmmaker’s statement

Chalk Dusk explores the art of human connection on a timeless and multilingual level.

About Will Bowes

Will Bowes

Will Bowes is an award-winning filmmaker, musician and actor with over two dozen television and film credits.

In 2013 he produced, directed, wrote and had a supporting role in the dramatic thriller Hunting Season, winning the Award of Excellence at the 2013 Canada International Film Festival.

His 2011 film Split Focus won multiple awards after an international festival tour – for which he produced, directed, wrote, edited and composed the original score.

Will is currently the digital producer for Epitome Pictures (TV’s Degrassi and Open Heart) and has worked as the producer, DOP and editor of all behind-the-scenes content including four web series and over 300 promotional videos used both on-air and digitally.

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