Growing Younger

A one-take music video involving a well-choreographed bicycle routine preformed by the band Michou.

Creative team

Director: Christina Ienna
Producer: Michou

Filmmaker’s statement

Growing Younger cost $100 to film which was spent on gas, beers and burgers!

Taking advantage of being in university at the time, I had signed out a camera (HVX200) from class. Courtesy Bikes generously loaned us a few of their bikes for a couple days and our good pals Pat and Mark offered to drive the band’s van up and down a country road while I filmed out the back.

We spent two chilly November afternoons choreographing and shooting the one-take routine. We ended up with six full takes out of the 50 attempts made between slip ups, interruptions from passing cars and Sasha’s sprint to mount the unicycle in time.

This was a true collaboration from conception to completion among friends.

About Christina Ienna

Christine Ienna

Christina Ienna is a Canadian independent filmmaker and cinematographer.

With a bachelor of arts honours in film and communication studies from the University of Windsor and nearly nine years working within the film industry, Christina has the ability to fill a wide range of roles. Whether she is directing and producing her own work, camera assisting on major productions or pursuing her true passion of cinematography, Christina has always thrived on set.

Her very first music video, Growing Younger by Michou which she shot and directed, ranked within Much Music’s Top 10 for nearly a month in 2010. Filmed in the mountains of Kananaskis, Alberta, Sun City’s music video High won music video of the year at the 2013 Australian Independent Music Video Awards.

Most recently, Christina worked on the CBC documentary series The Great Human Odyssey and spent over 18 months assisting the editor as a digital image technician.

She was also credited as one of the cinematographers for the project’s behind-the-scenes documentary Making of a Film Score. Both projects were recipients of Rosie Awards in 2015.

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