Old Man on a Bench with a Puppy

An old man walks to a bench with a puppy. Upon arrival at the bench, he sits. A little girl witnesses it all unfold, experiencing feelings of both goodness and sadness.

Music by The Unbelievable Bargains.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Kelly Campbell

Filmmaker’s statement

I made this film in 2015 as part of a stop-motion animation class with Anita Lebeau.

This simple yet powerful story of an old man and his puppy speaks to the existential joy and sadness that occurs when confronted simultaneously with the sweetness of youth and the nearness of death.

About Kelly Campbell

Kelly Campbell

Kelly Campbell is an artist, illustrator, and occasional animator living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. See more of her work at: cargocollective.com/kellycampbell.

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