Arthur is recently deceased. He’s unsure what to do next. With the help of a doctor, and friends, Arthur travels to his final resting place.

Creative team

Writer/producer: Dave McLeod
Director/producer: Angus McLellan

Filmmaker’s statement

Ultimately, Deadboy is an existentialist tale told through the last hours of an unremarkable 30-something.

The kernel for Deadboy came from writer Dave McLeod’s urge to play with the idea of dropping a character, caught in a very surreal situation, back into his sadly real life, but in such a way that none of the people he encounters seem to notice or care about his situation.

The result is a strange, darkly humorous and mildly depressing take on a listless generation’s listless pass at life.

About Angus McLellan

Angus McLellan

Angus McLellan is a filmmaker and arts educator based in Guelph, ON.

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