Through the Trees

Madison Atwood, an artist struggling with her craft, approaches a breaking point when she develops a nervous tremor. After a fleeting chance encounter with an aspiring young writer, Cliff Harrison, Madison sets off on an unexpected adventure that changes and inspires her.

Creative team

Writer: Diane Cabral
Director: Andrés Ignacio Torres
Producer: Nathaniel Smith

Filmmaker’s statement

Writer Diane Cabral approached me in the summer of 2014 and asked if I was interested in directing her screenplay for Through The Trees; my good friend Nathaniel Smith would be producing it.

At the time, having directed mainly horror, thriller and comedy, I wanted to push my boundaries as a director and this script was a great opportunity to do that.

But this script wasn’t your typical romantic drama (if you can even call it that), and that is what intrigued me the most.

This story isn’t so much about ‘girl meets boy’ or ‘an older woman meets a younger man’ as much as it is about ‘person meets person’ and how people can affect other people by just sharing their own experiences with one another. I found that very refreshing.

From the brilliant actors I got to work with to my fellow crew members around me, from pre-production to post, I will never forget the experience that was making this film. I was truly inspired by it all.

About Andrés Ignacio Torres

Andrés Ignacio Torres

Having recently finished the film and television production program at Humber College, Andrés Ignacio Torres specialized in directing, cinematography and production design. He has also successfully taken on the role of casting director for many films.

After the great reaction Andrés got from faculty and peers for shooting, directing and editing his first student film in 2013 (The Awakening), he knew he had a good sense of direction and an eye for the camera.

He spent the next couple of years taking on roles in the camera department and directing any project he could get his hands on – from short documentaries to commercials and branding videos.

In his final year of film school, Andrés was approached by writer Diane Cabral to direct a thesis film she wrote, Through The Trees (2015). This would be his next step as a director. He now had to perform under much more pressure that included a bigger budget and bigger crew.

After a great experience with that production, and having finished the three-year film program, Andrés is keeping at it, working in the camera department and directing anything he can get his hands on.

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