Waiting 4 Goliath

While waiting for his date at a café, Florian bumps into Hassan, a charming but nosy ex-boyfriend who decides to join him on the wait.

What starts as friendly banter quickly turns into a scathing spar of words as the former couple revisit the past and discuss their painful breakup.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Cal Garingan
Co-producer: Selena Paskalidis

Filmmaker’s statement

The impetus for writing Waiting 4 Goliath was to parlay into film some of my (mis)adventures in online dating.

As with most undertakings, online dating has its share of pros and cons. The number one advantage is that you find what you’re looking for. But in hopes of getting there, you’ll have to first encounter many disadvantages that inherently come along the way.

Top of the list is that the quest for an ideal mate begins and swiftly ends with someone who simply ‘looks good on paper.’

As we scan one ad after another, we naturally focus on key words and phrases that resonate with us. Unfortunately, people have gotten accustomed to using certain ‘buzzwords’ to describe themselves simply because it makes them attractive.

But when you meet them, it’s a whole different story.

A little more judicious online interaction could have saved us time instead of accepting things at face value. On the flip side, when we see ads that don’t include those buzzwords, we’re quick to move on to the next one. Consequently, we’ve also become dismissive towards any potential date even before we’ve given them a fair shot at making a legitimate first impression.

Creating personal digital personas automatically affords everyone a certain degree of anonymity. Taking this to the extreme, some people become outright mean, while others resort to creating hyped up versions of themselves tailored to what they believe people are looking for in a date. They start confusing their true identity for their avatar and end up making a caricature of themselves, not to mention a mockery of their entire search. As one of the characters in the film says, “in the end, who wins?”

Using some of these elements, Waiting 4 Goliath unfolds over a post-breakup discussion as the two former lovers examine their relationship as objectively as possible.  However, as the characters soon discover – despite the passage of time – old wounds are easily opened and emotions can still run high.

C’est l’amour!

About Cal Garingan

Cal Garingan

Cal has created and worked on a variety of film and television projects.

Two of his earlier shows were produced by the National Film Board: Why Thee Wed, a documentary on British Columbia’s historic same-sex marriage case; and Jaded, a mockumentary on discrimination and equality in the workplace.

His original script Jacob, a suspense-thriller, was one of five finalists at the Praxis Screenplay Competition and his sitcom Tom, Dick, Harry and Me was developed through the WGC Bell Media diverse screenwriters program.

Most recently, Cal wrote two stories for the medical docudrama Untold Stories of the ER (“Size Matters” and “Where’s Baby?”) and worked as a production manager for Ice Pilots NWT, Season 6 (History) and for Game of Homes, Season 1 (W Network).

His romantic-comedy film Waiting 4 Goliath was nominated for a Leo Award and won best short at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival.

Cal holds a master’s degree in film and TV production from Chapman University, California as well as a writing diploma from Vancouver Film School.

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