Devoted teenage boyfriend Marshall worries his girlfriend Iris, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, might be losing her grip on reality when she tells him she sees another world.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Simone Stock
Writer/producer: Jay Randall
Producers: J. Miles Dale, Misha Skoric

Filmmaker’s statement

When my own son was diagnosed – incorrectly as it came to pass – with autism, my desire to explore silent and marginalized voices came into bloom. Iris is my second in a series of films about young people with autism and the people that love them.

The modern teenage world often leaves young people with Asperger’s Syndrome – a neurological disorder on the milder end of the autism spectrum – behind. The intense social dynamics of teen life, rich in subtlety and nuance, are foreign territory for Asperger teens. They exist at the social margins, many lonely and depressed.

Girls with Asperger’s syndrome exhibit behaviors very different than boys. They are prone to extreme anxiety, especially in social situations and will often retreat into elaborate fantasy worlds of their own making where they find comfort.

Iris is a window on the turbulent world of the aspie teen girl.

About Simone Stock

Simone Stock

Writer/director Simone Stock was nominated in 2012 for TIFF’s best short for Motown Morning, made at AFI.

Her short Iris won Muskoka Film Festival’s best Canadian film prize and has screened at many festivals including Cannes.

Second unit work has taken Simone to the Arctic shooting a baby polar bear (Midnight Sun), throughout Rwanda (Shake Hands with the Devil), rural China for Chow Yun Fat-starrer The Children of Huang Shi and, most recently, London for the feature adaptation of bestselling book A Street Cat Named Bob.

Her screenplay Little Big Fish won Whistler Film Festival’s China-Canada gateway screenplay competition in 2014 and is in development with Zhao Zhiping of Beijing Guoyingshengshi Culture Communication.

Simone is currently writing sci-fi feature Polaris, shepherded by Vancouver’s WIDC program and Toronto’s WIFT script incubator program.

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