Onto Us

Maria has to understand her own expectations as she’s invited into the already warm relationship of Adrian and Alana.

An intimate look at one woman’s need for independence and intimacy.

Creative team

Writer/director: Natty Zavitz
Producers: Natty Zavitz, Jon Riera, Connor Illsley

Filmmaker’s statement

Onto Us was originally a short story that many friends told me privately that they related to. The friends who were finding an independence to their sexuality and the friends in relationships who were looking to expand the sexual limits of their commitment.

The film tries to observe rather than judge.

Shooting it made a bleak January day much warmer.

About Natty Zavitz

Natty Zavitz

Natty Zavitz’s relationship with film began when he insisted on having the Marx Brothers’ Duck Soup screened for his sixth birthday party. And then his seventh, eighth and ninth.

Raised in the Toronto storytelling community, Natty’s approach to film is rooted in honesty and narrative progression drawing major inspiration from Rohmer and Linklater.

He studied performance and writing at the University of Guelph and acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. His first feature screenplay Talk Like A White Boy is in development with Peter Harvey Productions with Andrew Hines attached to direct.

He has written and directed the short film Onto Us starring Laysla De Oliviera, Paula Brancati and Andy McQueen.

Acquainted, which he wrote, will be his feature directorial debut. It’s a bittersweet romance about not-so-young love.

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