Drawing Blank

The main character discovers a magical property inside a discarded ink sketch. A miniature dance partner comes to life and inspires movement in the paper and ink world around her.

Creative team

Director: Stefan Verna
Writers: Emily Honegger, Stefan Verna
Producers: David Finch, Emily Honegger

Filmmaker’s statement

This film is my attempt to combine my love of cinema, dance and hip hop culture.

I wanted to explore the connection between the artist and his muse and how the creative object shapes us as much as we are trying to shape it.

About Stefan Verna

Stefan Verna

Born in Kinshasa of the Democratic Republic of Congo but raised in Montreal, Stefan Verna started dancing at in his early twenties and later got involved in theatre before settling on cinema as his life’s passion.

A graduate of Concordia University’s film production program, Stefan has been active in the Montreal film community for years as a director, cameraman, editor and video instructor to inner city youth.

As a director he has explored various forms of filmmaking: documentary, fiction, music videos and dance videos. His deep interest in politics, Afro culture and dance has inspired the projects he has pursued.

His previous films are: Broken Strings (1999), Chocolate City (2003), Poetry in Motion (2004), Lakay (2008), Forever Loon (2010), Diversidad: a Roadtrip to Deconstruct Diner (2011), Drawing Blank (2012) and KANGISJUAQ (2015).

He is presently completing the post-production of a feature length documentary, Nomad’s Land: a documentary rhyme about the Montreal hip hop group Nomadic Massive.

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