False Allegory

False Allegory is an abstract audio/visual landscape brought to life by the pairing of animation by Greg Doble and music of Woulg.

Its collage of black and white imagery aims to play with the imagination and draw you into its world.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Greg Doble

Filmmaker’s statement

I had been working for years in film and commercial animation building films in a more standardized format: from initial concept, storyboarding, designing and redesigning.

False Allegory, on the other hand, was created more organically by placing Woulg’s music into a timeline and allowing myself to draw freely based on what ideas the sounds conjured in my mind.

This rejection of a more rigid design process also began to bleed through into the visuals, taking the viewer on a journey though doodles, past the deformation and destruction of representations of iconic ‘fine art,’ through to a more explosive, fast-paced representation of contemporary design tropes.

About Greg Doble

Greg Doble

Greg Doble is a Montreal-based animator and illustrator who specializes in 2D animation. His work is easily recognizable by its playful absurdity and often whimsical nature.

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