Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is a psychological horror movie about an elderly man who is trapped in a nightmarish labyrinth full of monsters. His quest to find his wife will bring him to rediscover his own identity.

Creative team

Writer: Michel Riendeau
Director/producer: Frédéric Lefebvre

About Frédéric Lefebvre

Frédéric began his love of directing in 2004 when he went through the cinema and media program at Ahuntsic College. He finished the program with the film Hecatombe, a four-minute, fantasy-themed anthology.

During the next three years he filmed five more shorts. Directing short films made Frédéric realize he would benefit from a higher understanding of the technical side of filming.

He began studying at O’Sullivan College in September 2007.

Madame Bolduc was shot in 16 mm, starred Mireille Thibeault, and was shot in Mel’s Studio under the direction of François Protat. It portrayed the demise of a woman so conflicted with self hate that she had to resort to horrifying means to survive.

Most recently Frédéric shot his most ambitious short horror film, Home Sweet Home. It tells the story of an old man searching for his wife in a black nightmarish labyrinth.

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