Last Patrol

Friedrich, a German soldier, begins his new assignment patrolling a small French town in German occupied France in 1944.

During his patrol he comes across a bakery operated by a Frenchman and his daughter who, unbeknownst to Friedrich, have been continually harassed by his fellow patrol officer, Klaus.

Creative team

Writer/director: Luke Toye
Producers: Pat Quinn, Luke Toye

Filmmaker’s statement

Our goal with Last Patrol was to create a morality tale using the backdrop of World War II.

The film explores what it means for a soldier to properly serve their country while still balancing their own personal ideals.

The script began as an interest in World War II and morphed into a story that is not only about war but more about what humanity is capable of when given power over others.

Every time I view this film I can’t help but be reminded of the frigid conditions in which it was filmed. Thankfully we were able to pull it off thanks to the dedication of our incredible cast and crew.

Without their support and problem-solving, Last Patrol would consist of only snowy landscapes and a few shots of macaroons. Everyone involved in the making of this film are the kind of people you want to share a foxhole with.

About Luke Toye

Luke Toye

Luke Toye is a Canadian writer and director.

In 2014 he opened the production company Mad Dash Entertainment and has co-produced four short films from his own scripts. His first short, Last Patrol, premiered at the New Hampshire Film Festival in 2014.

The next three shorts are finishing post-production and will premiere in the 2016-17 festival season.

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