Milk & Honey

On a cult compound hidden in the hills, a young woman is given a simple task: go into town to buy supplies.

But when she finds herself slipping back into the identity she tried so hard to erase, the urge to run comes back with it – but in which direction? And is it too late?

Creative team

Writer: James Schultz
Director: Thomas Pepper
Producer: Samantha van der Beek

Filmmaker’s statement

Milk & Honey is a labour of love from three friends who wanted to make something we would actually want to watch, and to do so on our terms.

With money cobbled together on Indiegogo, we shot the script over two weekends in Northumberland County. Using the minds and hearts of our wonderful cast and crew of volunteers – along with a huge amount of help from the residents of Roseneath and Hastings, Ontario – we fought through snow and rain and cold to bring the film to life.

And I have to say, I’ve never had more fun doing it.

Finally, I want to take the time to thank James Schultz for writing this wonderful story, Luke McCutcheon for shooting the lights out of it, and Samantha van der Beek for giving us the focus and drive to accomplish all that we did.


About Thomas Pepper

Thomas Pepper

Thomas Pepper is a screenwriter and director from Toronto whose films include the shorts Sunday Coffee, Crocodile Teeth and Tuesday 10:08 am.

His second short film, Milk & Honey, has screened as part of several festivals and won best short film at the 2014 Grand River Film Festival.

Currently he is a junior story editor on CTV’s hit medical drama Saving Hope.

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