Oh Baby

The parents from their baby’s point of view.

Oh Baby is a short series of vignettes, set to the lullaby sweetness of the Swingle Singers.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Joe Cobden

Filmmaker’s statement

I’ve always loved this song [by the Swingle Singers]. It was certainly the first step, before I’d even considered making anything about babies, although I’d imagine it would be quite calming for them. They say Bach is good for babies.

It’s really the lead singer’s voice that just crushes me. It’s one of my favourite recordings. I thought about it being a lullaby and that led to the baby thing.

I wanted to tell a story as a series of vignettes. I had seen a famous short by Chris Milk called Last Daydream and some other montage shorts and wanted to make one myself.

I also wanted to cover a lot of ground in the short length, and have no dialogue so the song would stay front and centre. I always try and make the short films the length of the song.

The shoot was mainly me pushing the director of photography, Charles Jannasch, around Toronto’s west side in a wheelchair for a week.

Sarah Allen was very busy so we grabbed stuff with her when we could. We shot a lot more than we ended up using. I wanted the viewer to get involved enough in the story that they forget about the baby, just like the couple does, until the very end.

Sarah Allen is the greatest. I wanted to celebrate her, so this is really about her too.

About Joe Cobden

Joe Cobden

Joe Cobden is an award-winning actor/director from Montreal, currently based in LA and Toronto. His short films have played in festivals all over the world.

Recent projects include music videos for Plants and Animals’ The End of That and The Barr Brothers’ Come in the Water.

Joe has directed six short films for Sesame Street (season 44) and created two half-hour shows for kids, Clean Your Room and Couch Fort (in development at CBC, with Guru Productions).

As an actor, Joe’s 2015 credits include Fargo (season two: Percy Bluth), This Life (CBC), The Art of More (Crackle), feature film Born to be Blue and upcoming Denis Villeneuve feature Story of Your Life.

Joe is the sole voice of Knuckleheads (Têtes a Claques) on Adult Swim Canada.

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