A woman travels across the infinite multiverse all without leaving her living room in this psychological sci-fi love story.

Creative team

Writer/director: Jamie Alain
Producers: Todd Giroux, Jamie Alain

Filmmaker’s statement

Producer Todd Giroux and I had been talking about Collider for the past three or four years, constantly sending each other articles about new theories and advancements in the field of quantum physics and, specifically, parallel universes.

Todd grew up reading Scientific American magazine and I grew up reading the Fantastic Four, and between his understanding of the Higgs Boson and my knowledge of the Interdimensional Council of Reeds (sorry, nerdy comic book joke), we quickly came up with 100 different cool scenarios for a movie.

But it wasn’t until I found the character of Dawn, a scientist crippled with grief over the loss of her partner, that the story really crystallized for us. Set over the span of one night, Dawn is able to live out the fantasy of anyone who’s suffered a loss and see that person one last time, though her actions are not without their consequences.

Having dealt with that kind of profound loss at various stages of my life, the different ways we deal with grief has always been something that resonated with me. By setting Collider in the world of theoretical science and quantum physics I was able tell a story of loss and love in a hopefully unique and interesting way.

About Jamie Alain

Jamie Alain

Jamie Alain is an award-winning filmmaker and editor, best known for his work on films like Daydream Nation, Flowers in the Attic and That Burning Feeling as well as the television series Continuum and Olympus.

Collider is Jamie’s return to directing after a 10-year absence. His last short film, Toreador, won the Golden Sheaf for best experimental short film at the Yorkton Film Festival.

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