A clever boy designs a creative ploy to protect his little sister from repeated monster attacks.

Creative team

Writer/director: Daniel Duranleau
Producer: Sandrine Berger

Filmmaker’s statement

When my sister and I were kids, our father physically assaulted us. We perceived him as a monster, a giant menacing creature, whose imposing stature isolated us in a state of constant terror.

The psychological damages caused by such attacks are numerous. Their imprint is malicious and tackles all aspects of the personality. At a young age, it can even negate one’s self-esteem.

Still, our fraternal aid helped us to overcome this difficult era of our lives. In supporting each other, we avoided isolation and allowed hope to blossom.

Today, it is now possible for me to talk openly about this troubled period of my life, but the path to get there was not easy.

Mizbrük seeks to be a naive reading of this painful period of my life.

The making of this film comes from a desire to convey a message of hope to abused children. My approach is both playful and didactic, not therapeutic. I want to speak directly to children through playfulness, miles away from traditional dramatic tautness and hackneyed pathos.

About Daniel Duranleau

Daniel Duranleau

Daniel Duranleau is a Canadian filmmaker based in Montreal.

Throughout the years, he has acquired his knowledge on many film sets. However, writing and directing are his greatest passions.

Mizbrük is his first film.

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