A short film disguised as a music video about one man’s quest for knowledge. Shot over the course of a year incorporating all four seasons in Newfoundland.

Creative team

Writer/director/co-producer: Benjamin Noah
Co-producer: Richard Seypka

Filmmaker’s statement

This film was shot with a near $0 budget and a lot of hard grunt work on long, cold days.

It was shot with 99% practical lighting and effects with a first-time crew over the course of a year so as to incorporate all four seasons in Newfoundland.

About Benjamin Noah

Benjamin Noah

Benjamin is a world traveller, voracious reader and film enthusiast.

He recently returned to his home from Istanbul where he was developing a feature script he wrote. This video is the first step to help the funding of that film: The Kidnapping.

He leads the film collective known as ARK FILM. This is his first directorial effort after two years assistant directing for features such as Closet Monster (directed by Stephen Dunn) and the TV show Republic of Doyle.

He did not go to film school, but was self-taught by watching his favourite movies such as Lawrence of Arabia, listening to commentaries by the likes of Ridley Scott, obsessing over Stanley Kubrick and volunteering on shorts since 2012.

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