Tea Time

“It’s impossible, says the Pride
It’s risky, says the Experience
It’s useless, says the Reason.
Let’s try, whispers the Heart.”
– William Arthur Ward

To all those looking for a better life elsewhere.
At whatever the cost.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Guillaume Blanchet

Filmmaker’s statement

They leave by millions, from many places, fleeing a danger or a conflict, most of the time risking their lives. Their dreams are often shattered, but they keep on trying.

Just like those two tea bags, fated to drown slowly, but who decided otherwise. We are all made of hope.

About Guillaume Blanchet

Guillaume Blanchet

Guillaume Blanchet is a French Canadian filmmaker. French from France, that is.

In 2003, he settled down in Montreal, Québec where he spent almost 10 years working for major advertising companies as a creative copywriter.

In 2012, he decided to go freelance in order to dedicate more time to filmmaking.

Specializing in stop-motion animation, Guillaume likes to use daily objects to tell stories. His films have in common the notions of movement, travel and freedom.

Within the past three years, his three short films The Man Who Lived On His Bike, A Girl Named Elastika and Bounce have been selected to over 250 festivals worldwide, winning over 30 local and international awards.

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