Iggy is a hermit-like illustrator who has a unique condition in which her heart glows through her skin whenever she gets anxious.

Her life is thrown into a frenzy when she realizes that the new courier assigned to deliver her illustrations is amplifying her already out-of-control condition.

Creative team

Writer/director: Tricia Hagoriles
Producer: Kate Fraser

Filmmaker’s statement

Beat was initially conceived as a story about a bassist whose heart suddenly started glowing and playing the piano part of The Cure’s Close to Me. I was in university, I had just found comfort in my sexuality and was going through a rare confident phase.

Years later, I would find myself in a situation where I felt I had lost my creative voice and desperately wanted it back.

This version of Beat is the result of my need to work my way out of the rut I was in, dealing with my own insecurities and anxiety and my desire to tell stories about queer people of colour.

About Tricia Hagoriles

Tricia Hagoriles

Tricia Hagoriles is a writer and director based in Toronto, also known for her work as a digital film colourist.

She is a queer space-maker, acting as a co-producer for the live showcase, Colour Me Dragg, and has credits including VFX producer for the TV series Darknet.

Most recently, Tricia was the recipient of the RBC Emerging Canadian Artist Award at the 2015 Inside Out Toronto LGBTQ Film Festival for her first short film, Beat.

Beat has been showcased at Frameline: San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival and Reeling: Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival.

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