My Buddy

Through the story of a lonely old man and his android butler, My Buddy celebrates the power of movies and TV to connect us all.

Creative team

Writer/director: Mark Moliterni
Producer: Sara Tekle

Filmmaker’s statement

My Buddy came to my mind while listening to the eponymous bonus song at the end of Arcade Fire’s Funeral. Recorded live in the 1940s by Win Butler’s grandfather, Alvino Rey, it sounded to me like a heartbroken robot singing to a lost friend. And when I learned that Rey’s death served as an inspiration for the Funeral album, I looked to my own grandfather as inspiration for the film.

Emmanuel Moliterni spent his later years in a sunken recliner, half asleep with the television on as a comforting distraction. But at night, I watched as he perked up for classic movies, transported to the days when they were new. I saw something both beautiful and a little depressing in sharing those experiences with him.

My Buddy celebrates television’s power to connect us to each other while also critiquing the increasing amount of time we all spend solitarily in front of our screens. The film is a personal reminder to live my life a little more like the movies I so love to watch. Hopefully, it inspires you to do the same.

About Mark Moliterni

Mark Moliterni

Mark Moliterni is a Canadian writer/director now based in LA.

He is passionate about telling stories that evoke the myriad emotions of everyday life through cinematic imagery, sound and realistic, diverse characters.

Mark’s first short film, Rinse & Repeat, was featured in the National Screen Institute’s online film festival as well. His follow-up, My Buddy, played in festivals across North America such as Montreal World Film Festival, WILDsound and Red Rock Film Festival.

Mark is currently writing his first feature film.


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