An allegorical representation of a very old historical construction that has become a monument and is given a human conscience through the poem of Noufel Bouzeboudja with narration by Conrad Harvey.

Allegoria is a call for the protection of our night skies endangered by humans who make bad use of urban lighting which wastes tremendous energy and contaminates the night skies.

Creative team

Writer: Noufel Bouzeboudja
Director/producer: Nobilis Bellator

Filmmaker’s statement

Shooting Allegoria was a challenge. It required shooting all night long for every scene due to the long exposures and the amount of frames required for each sequence/scene.

Shooting took place in May, June and July 2014 and June and July 2015. The post-processing of time-lapse photography based films is a very long process and it was done during the fall of 2015 with the final edit ready by the end of January 2016.

We didn’t have a story and script until the shooting of all scenes and probably more than [twice the] scenes that were finally used in the film.

As an independent artist who loves to work outdoors and spend time shooting and improvising to capture footage that is not really intended to fill the gaps of a specific script, I spent almost two years collecting footage that I knew would come together once I sat down with the writer and that’s exactly what happened with Allegoria.

Noufel and I discussed the message we wanted to send out and how to do it, meaning we didn’t want it to sound like the typical narration of a documentary because it was a sort of documentary we were dealing with. So when he started to write metaphors and allegories to say what he had to say, it all came together and we basically gave a human conscience to the ice house that is the main protagonist in the film.

It speaks to us about the world from a static position, never moving, yet seeing how things change with time.

About Nobilis Bellator

I am a Canadian with Spanish origins. I’ve lived [most of] my life in Montreal, a few years in Paris, and now [I live] in Spain.

When I was a young boy I loved to draw and replicate images of people and superheroes, and I eventually discovered a taste for music. I played the trumpet and the guitar.

Then as a young adult I discovered photography which became the basis for what I do now. In filmmaking, I can [combine] all of that: fantasy, music, images still or in movement, with a classical look or not – my imagination is the only limit.

I was an amateur photographer all my life and, in 2012, I discovered time-lapse photography. That was all I needed to make the big jump and, since August of 2012, I’ve dedicated myself exclusively to filmmaking using this technique.

I decided to publish my work using my artist name which I owe to an idea from my daughter. I became Nobilis Bellator which is Latin for ‘noble warrior,’ and is the etymological meaning of my real Spanish last name which has Arabic origins also meaning ‘warrior,’ so I was told.

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