Happy Endings

Dennis is a lonely parking-booth attendant who, after spending most of his life in solitude, begins to step outside his comfort zone and starts to frequent an erotic massage parlour. There he meets May, an aging erotic masseuse.

The two social outcasts form an unconventional bond but find that their relationship and future is under immediate threat by May’s evil boss Papa Michael.

Creative team

Writers: Hannes Thor Arason, Andrew Korogyi
Director: Hannes Thor Arason
Producer: Andrew Korogyi

Filmmaker’s statement

Happy Endings is about our right and struggle to belong in a society that often excludes those who are different from the rest.

The story for the film was conceived when the four original creators, Hannes Thor Arason, Andrew Korogyi, Evan Seccombe and Jacob Doforno, sat together in a Toronto classroom doing a simple, creative improv exercise.

We wrote down anything that came to our minds, whether it be a character, a prop, a plot point etc. We then connected all the dots and developed this idea for a few months. The result was Happy Endings, a short film about a lonely parking-booth attendant who falls in love with an erotic masseuse.

It felt liberating to direct a film that was inspired by such simple, genuine, bare-boned ideas from our imaginations. Two years and many film festivals later, we get to present the film here at NSI. We hope you enjoy it.

About Hannes Thor Arason

Hannes Thor Arason

Hannes Thor Arason is an Icelandic filmmaker based in Reykjavík and Toronto.

Happy Endings, the director’s first short film, premiered at the 2014 Montreal World Film Festival and has screened at numerous festivals in Europe and North America including Atlanta Film Festival in 2015 where it was nominated for the Pink Peach Award.

In 2015, the film was nominated for the Canadian Cinema Editors Awards for best editing in a student film.

Hannes’ next short film, Footsteps, will be released later this year.

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