Living in a city of white noise, a young woman receives a mysterious package, the body of a dead bee.

She takes the body and rebuilds it into a hybrid creature, built to survive an uncertain future. Thus begins an ethereal journey into dream, a message sent by a colony of bees.

Creative team

Writer/director: Jeff Wheaton
Producers: Jeff Wheaton, Atlantic Filmmaker’s Co-Op

Filmmaker’s statement

Hive is a culmination of my experience as a beekeeper and cinematographer; an unconscious discovery of co-existing with bees and how the smallest of lives can affect our own.

About Jeff Wheaton

Jeff Wheaton has been an integral member of the Halifax independent film scene for over a decade.

His collaborations as an award-winning cinematographer have lead him to work with many of Halifax’s next wave of directors.

His directorial work has travelled to international festivals and he has begun to explore art installations as part of his practice.

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