New to the city, Alyssa is taken on a night of exploring by her neighbour, Chloe.

Excited by the beginning of a special friendship, Alyssa soon discovers that Chloe is moving away.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Haya Waseem

Filmmaker’s statement

I wanted to explore the vulnerabilities a person faces when they are placed in a completely new environment: how that impacts your interactions, your thoughts, your desires.

Alyssa is in a completely foreign place and craves connection. I wanted to discover how Alyssa and Chloe’s relationship would unfold given their individual circumstances.

About Haya Waseem

Haya Waseem

Born in Pakistan and raised in Switzerland, Haya Waseem grew up with a fascination for people and places, igniting her passion for storytelling.

After graduating from Sheridan College’s media arts program she worked as a documentary film editor.

Her work focuses on capturing honest characters and giving the audience a small window into someone else’s truth.

Haya has directed four short films including Pull, Shahzad, Some Other Place (Cannes 2016), and the documentary short Familiar which screened at Berlinale and in the Air Canada enRoute Film Festival.

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